Fast Density-based Clustering in Parallel with Different Parallel K-d Tree Schemes

Author: Henning Meyerhenke
E-Mail address: henningm (AT)

Keywords: Parallel density-based clustering, Parallel k-d tree

Abstract. Since obtaining spatial data has become very easy through technologies like remote sensing or medical devices such as computer tomography, the processing of this large amount of data into information has become a computational issue. One technique of this knowledge discovery process in spatial databases is clustering - the grouping of objects depending on their spatial proximity. One of the proposed algorithms for this is FDC [11], which uses a density-based clustering approach. As there is a need for parallel processing in very large databases to distribute resource allocation, this paper introduces PFDC, a parallel version of FDC. Three approaches how to parallelize the algorithm are presented, two of them in detail. The major difference between them is the implementation of the parallel spatial access method, the data structure k-d tree. All of these approaches have been implemented with standard tools (C++ and MPI message passing) in order to work on a variety of parallel platforms. Experiments show that the two variations presented in detail achieve good speedup results.


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