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Prof. Dr. Ingo Althofer

Study of Mathematics and Choice of Occupation

What have my former diploma students done?

Often young people, who are interested in studying Mathematics, finally select some other subject, because the fields of occupation for mathematicians are unclear.

In the list below you find the jobs of my former diploma students. ("Diploma" is the most common university degree in Germany. Typically, a student gets it after five years of study.) Before the first semicolon the subject of study, the minor, and the year of final examination are given. In case of an additional doctor degree (Dr.) also some information on this is provided. Between the two semicolons the occupations are listed in chronological order. Sometimes a statement of the exstudent follows after the second semicolon.

I was assistant professor at the University of Bielefeld until 1994. Then I moved to Jena, on a full professorship in Applied Mathematics. Some of the Bielefeld students finished their studies only in 1995. The list is a snapshot in August/September 1999. It will not be updated regularly.

The meaning of some abbreviations:

Wi-Mathematicians do not have a special minor. WiWi makes up about one third of their studies.

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