CV: pdf

Diploma thesis: Konjugationsklassen und Charaktere in endlichen p-Gruppen
(engl. "Conjugacy classes and characters of finite p-groups"), pdf

Dissertation: 2-Blöcke mit metazyklischen und minimal nichtabelschen Defektgruppen
(engl. "2-Blocks with metacyclic and minimal nonabelian defect groups"), pdf

Habilitationsschrift: Blocks of finite groups and their invariants, pdf, presentation slides (in German): pdf

My Erdős number is 4 (via Külshammer-Olsson-Balog)

General interests: Apart from mathematics, I'm obsessed with sports. After years of skateboarding, juggling, climbing and slacklining, I'm currently focused on running. My personal bests are: (all with spikes on track).