Theoretical and Numerical Studies of the Shell Equations of Bauer, Reiss and Keller, Part I:

by    M. Hermann, D Kaiser, M.: Schröder

Preprint series: 99-09, Reports on Numerical Mathematics

The paper is published: Technische Mechanik, Band 19, Heft 1, (1999),

65L10 Boundary value problems
65J15 Equations with nonlinear operators (do not use 65Hxx)
73H05 Buckling
73K15 Shells

Abstract: Abstract:

We study the solution field M of a parameter dependent nonlinear two-point
boundary value problem suggested by Bauer et al. 1970. This problem describes
the buckling of a thin-walled spherical shell under a uniform axisymmetric
external static pressure. The boundary value problem is formulated as an
abstract operator equation T(x,lambda)=0 in appropriate Banach spaces. By
exploiting the equivariance of T we obtain detailed information about the
structure of M. In Part II of this work, the theoretical results are used to
efficiently compute interesting parts of M with numerical standard

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