Towards a Characterization of Chance in Games

by    Jakob Erdmann

Preprint series: 09-05, Reports on Optimization

91B02 Fundamental topics (basic mathematics, methodology; applicable to economics in general)
91B74 Models of real-world systems
91C99 None of the above, but in this section

Abstract: The distinction between games of chance and games of skill is not well-defined
at present. We introduce the concept of chanciness for non-deterministic two-player zero-sum games with sequential moves and perfect information. Chanciness quantifies how strongly a game is influenced by chance events. We demonstrate that the relative influence of chance on game outcomes varies with the skill of the playing agents. Therefore, we assign a chanciness value to the combination of a game and a specific set of players. The effective computability of chanciness is demonstrated for exemplary games.

Keywords: games of chance, chance and skill, automatic evaluation, computer aided game inventing

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