Selected Public Databases and Software Tools with Relevance to the ESIGNET Project

by    C. Schmidt, T. Hinze, T. Lenser, P. Dittrich

Preprint series: 06-24, Reports on Computer Science

92C40 Biochemistry, molecular biology
CR: H.3.5---Web-basedservices

Abstract: This report aims to explain the use of selected databases that are useful information resources for the ESIGNET project (Evolving Cell Signaling Networks in Silico). The overall goal of this project is to study the computational properties of cell signaling networks (CSNs) by evolving them using methods from evolutionary computation, and to re-apply this understanding in developing new ways to model and predict real CSNs. For further information we refer to

Keywords: cell signaling, pathway databases, protein databases, manual, visualization tools

Upload: 2006-12-13

Update: 2006 -12 -13

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