On Detection of Gravitational Wave Signals from inspiralling binearies

by    K. Runovski

Preprint series: 06-18, Analysis

The paper is published: Jenaer Schriften zur Mathematik und Informatik, Math/Inf/18/06, Universität Jena, Germany, 2006.

83C35 Gravitational waves

Abstract: The detection problem for gravitational wave signals from inspiralling binaries is studied. It is shown that such a signal can be approximated from below by relevant step-functions. This observation paves the way to applying our detection method, which is based on the concepts of detection operator, detection statement and quote-function. Some sucient conditions of detectability are given in terms of the wave signal parameters. The results are numerically con- rmed by computer simulation based on a certain slight modication of the procedure (MatLab) of calculating

Keywords: gravitational waves, wave signal

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