On stochastic-analytical approaches to sociological surveys data processing

by    Z. Burinska, K. Runovski, I. Rystsov, H.-J. Schmeisser

Preprint series: 06-16, Analysis

The paper is published: Jenaer Schriften zur Mathematik und Informatik, Math/Inf/07/06, Universität Jena, Germany, 2006.

62P25 Applications to social sciences

Abstract: A new method of organization of sociological surveys and exit-polls is described. It is shown that in contrast to classical stochastic approaches this method turns out to be more ecient and economic. Its advantages are achieved by taking into account an a priori analysis by sociological methods and methods of political sciences which enables us to determine the analytical structure of the data and to order them in an optimal way.

Keywords: data processing, sociological surveys

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Update: 2006 -11 -16

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