The 'more for less'-paradox in transportation problems with infinite-dimensional supply and demand vectors

by    I. Althofer, A. Schaefer

Preprint series: 04-7, Reports on Optimization

90C27 Combinatorial optimization
90C31 Sensitivity, stability, parametric optimization

Abstract: Recently Deineko, Klinz, and Woeginger have shown that a transportation problem is immune against the 'more for less'-paradox if and only if the cost matrix does not contain a bad quadruple. In this note a counter-example with infinite-dimensional supply and demand vectors is given. It is also shown that the quadruple-characterization of paradox-immune cost matrices remains valid in the infinite-dimensional case in a slightly weaker form. As a side result a smooth inequality is obtained for the situation where a transportation plan is split in two or more arbitrary subplans.

Keywords: transportation problem, transportation paradox

Notes: Paper is submitted to 'Discrete Applied Mathematics'.

Upload: 2004-04-29

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