Additional Data for Two-Step Shortlisting by Imperfect Experts

by    S. Kolassa

Preprint series: 04-06, Reports on Optimization

91B06 Decision theory [See also 62Cxx, 90B50, 91A35]
90B50 Management decision making, including multiple objectives [See also 90C31, 91A35, 91B06]

Abstract: We give additional data from Monte Carlo simulations of the two-step shortlisting model with imperfect experts proposed in our previous report. We consider uniformly, normally and exponentially distributed true values and imprecisions and give empirical hitting ratios as well as empirical expected results for different imprecisions.

Keywords: Two-Step Decision Making, Imperfect Experts, Shortlisting, Shortlisting Valley

Upload: 2004-04-06

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