Client-Oriented Replication in Mobile Database Environments

by    Chr. Gollmick

Preprint series: 03-08, Reports on Computer Science

CR: H.2.4,H.2.8

Abstract: Improvements in hardware and software allow today's mobile devices to be
embedded in client/server mobile database environments. To guarantee
availability of data and functionality also in disconnected mode, a service
for replication and synchronization is needed. When designing an appropriate
replication service, we have to take application requirements into account.
Evaluations showed that commercial products are not suitable for new mobile
applications demanding replicated data and replication options to be
(re)defined situation-dependent at runtime. In the paper we propose a new
client-oriented replication service and describe its interfaces using
examples. We also discuss a three-tier architecture for implementing the
replication service and important replica management issues.

Keywords: mobile database replication

Upload: 2003-05-14

Update: 2003-06-06

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