Generating True Alternatives with a Penalty Method

by    Ingo Althöfer, Franziska Berger, Stefan Schwarz

Preprint series: 02-04 , Reports on Optimization

90C31 Sensitivity, stability, parametric optimization
90B50 Management decision-making, including multiple objectives, See also {90A05, 90C31, 90D35}
90C27 Combinatorial optimization

Abstract: In many applications k-best algorithms produce only micro
mutations of the optimal solution instead of
true alternatives. A penalty method gives better chances to
find true alternatives.
For minimization problems with sum-type objective function
this approach generates alternatives whose
dissimilarity to the original optimum grows monotonically
with the penalty parameter.

Keywords: Multiple Choice System, k-best algorithm, micro mutation, true alternative, sum-type problem

Upload: 2002-06-26

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