Squaring the circle by dissection

by    E. Hertel, C. Richter

Preprint series: 01-10, Reports on Algebra and Geometry

The paper is published: Beiträge Algebra Geom. (to appear)

52B45 Dissections and valuations (Hilbert's third problem, etc.)

Abstract: The set-theoretical circle-squaring problem goes
back to Tarski: Can a circle be partitioned into sets that
can be reassembled to form a square? We give a short survey
on results to this question and add new claims concerning
``scissor congruence'' of circle and square with respect to
particular affine transformations.

Keywords: squaring the circle, equidecomposable, congruent by dissection, homothety, similarity, equiaffine map, affine map

Upload: 2001-08-30

Update: 2001-09-10

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