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Schäfer, A.: Rock'n'Roll - A cross-platform engine for the board game "EinStein wuerfelt nicht" , Reports on Optimization

S. Lau; J. Haueisen; E. G. Schukat-Talamazzini; A. Voss; M. Goernig; U. Leder; H.-R. Figulla: Entropy Estimation Methods in HRV Analysis of Patients with Myocardial Infarction , Reports on Computer Science

Lutz Kohl: Mit Puck einfach Programmieren lernen , Report on Didactics

Tamási, E.: Approximation numbers of traces from anisotropic Besov spaces on anisotropic fractal $d$-sets , Reports on Analysis

Vedel, B.: Besov Characteristic of a distribution , Reports on Analysis

Schneider, Jan: Function spaces with negative and varying smoothness , Reports on Analysis

Knauer, C.; Spillner, A.: Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Finding Crossing-Free Spanning Trees in Geometric Graphs , Reports on Computer Science

Hagen, Matthias: Lower Bounds for Three Algorithms for the Transversal Hypergraph Generation , Reports on Computer Science

Hagen, Matthias: On the Fixed-Parameter Tractability of the Equivalence Test of Monotone Normal Forms , Reports on Computer Science

Hagen, Matthias: Logarithmic Space Instances of Monotone Normal Form Equivalence Testing , Reports on Computer Science

Mundhenk, Martin; Schneider, Thomas: Undecidability of Multi-modal Hybrid Logics , Reports on Computer Science

Zalinescu, A.: Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations associated to symmetric stable processes , Reports on Stochastics and Statistics and Optimization

Walter Alt; Nils Bräutigam: Discretization of Elliptic Control Problems with Time Dependent Parameters , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

Haroske, D.D.; Moura, S.D.: Continuity envelopes and sharp embeddings in spaces of generalized smoothness , Analysis

Krbec, M.; Schmeisser, H.-J.: Critical imbeddings with multivariate rearrangements , Analysis

Burinska, Z.; Runovski, K.; Rystsov, I.; Schmeisser, H.-J.: On stochastic-analytical approaches to sociological surveys data processing , Analysis

Runovski, K.: The General Approach to the Gravitational Waves Detection Problem , Analysis

Runovski, K.: On Detection of Gravitational Wave Signals from inspiralling binearies , Analysis

Piotrowska, I.: Traces on fractals of function spaces with Muckenhoupt weights , Analysis

Il'yasov, Y.: On dual variational principles corresponding to parabolic equations , Analysis

Burinska, Z.: Estimation of statistical parameters by grouped variational series. , Analysis

Hermann, M.; Milde, Th.: Computing Eigenfunctions of Singular Points in Nonlinear Parametrized Two-Point BVPs , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

Kempka, Henning: Local characterization of generalized 2-microlocal spaces , Analysis

C. Schmidt; T. Hinze; T. Lenser; P. Dittrich: Selected Public Databases and Software Tools with Relevance to the ESIGNET Project , Reports on Computer Science

Gavriljuk, I. P.; Hermann, M.; Kutniv, M. V.; Makarov, V. L.: Difference schemes for nonlinear BVPs on the half-axis , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

Gavriljuk, I. P.; Hermann, M.; Lukovsky, I.; Solodun, O.; Timokha, A.: Natural Sloshing Frequencies in Truncated Conical Tanks , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

Gavriljuk, I. P.; Makarov, V. L.; Vasylyk, V.: Exponentially convergent algorithm for a second order differential equation with an operator coefficient in Banach space , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

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