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Sameith, J.: On the Generation of Alternative Solutions for Discrete Optimization Problems with Uncertain Data - An Experimental Analysis of the Penalty Method , Reports on Optimization

Fritsche, M.: Ein Programm zur automatischen Erzeugung der Konsistenzgleichungen bei Runge-Kutta-Verfahren , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

Krbec, M.; Schmeisser, H.-J.: Refined limiting imbeddings for Sobolev spaces of vector-valued functions , Reports on Analysis

Marta Llorente; Steffen Winter: A notion of Euler characteristic for fractals , Reports on Analysis and Algebra and Geometry

Gavriljuk, I. P.; Makarov, V.: Exponentially convergent algorithms for the operator exponential with applications to inhomogeneous problems in Banach spaces , Reports on Numerical Mathematics

Kolassa, S.: Additional Data for Two-Step Shortlisting by Imperfect Experts , Reports on Optimization

Althofer, I.; Schaefer, A.: The 'more for less'-paradox in transportation problems with infinite-dimensional supply and demand vectors , Reports on Optimization

Dorendorf, S.: Quantifizierung des zu erwartenden Nutzens von Datenbankreorganisationen , Reports on Computer Science

Bleicher, E.: Building Chess Endgame Databases for Positions with many Pieces using A-priori Information , Reports on Optimization

Spillner, A.: Tiling Polyominoes with Squares that Touch the Boundary , Reports on Computer Science

Keller, K.; Winter, S.: Combinatorics of distance doubling maps , Reports on Algebra and Geometry

Kolassa, S.: Binary Objects in the Kuiper Belt and Outlying Centaurs: Simulations , Reports on Optimization

Spillner, A.: Minimum Boundary Touching Tilings of Simple Polyominoes , Reports on Computer Science

Engelbert, H.-J.; Kurenok, V.P.; Zalinescu, A.: On reflected solutions of stochastic equations driven by symmetric stable processes , Reports on Stochastics and Statistics

Caetano, A.M.; Haroske, D.D.: Continuity envelopes of spaces of generalised smoothness: a limiting case; embeddings and approximation numbers. , Analysis

Haroske, D.D.; Triebel, H.: Wavelet bases and entropy numbers in weighted function spaces. , Analysis

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