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According to the primary Math-Net site the Math-Net is since July 2007 out of order.

The MathNet.preprints are still available, the same applies to the Technical reports at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena).

You may want to look at the directory of preprints of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
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Schmelz, Julia: Multivariate Ordered Probit Analysis for Panel Structures , Reports on Stochastics and Statistics

Richter, C.: The minimal number of pieces realizing affine congruence by dissection of topological discs , Reports on Algebra and Geometry

Steinwart, Ingo: Consistency of Support Vector Machines and other regularized kernel machines , Reports on Analysis and Computer Science

Althöfer, Ingo; Berger, Franziska; Schwarz, Stefan: Generating True Alternatives with a Penalty Method , Reports on Optimization

Hinrichs, A.; Richter, C.: Tilings, packings, coverings, and the approximation of functions , Reports on Analysis

Müller, Ingo: Integrating Mobile Agent Technology into an e-Marketplace Solution , Reports on Computer Science

Sie können auch nach Informationen zu Mathematischen Preprints im WWW in Deutschland oder mit MPRESS in Austria-France-Germany suchen.

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