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Deterministic and Stochastic Controlled Systems and Applications



Available Positions in our Network


PhD-Students Recruitment Results

In the network are recruited
  • 12 students for 3-year PhD-positions in a fixed team.
  • 5 students for 3-years PhD-positions divided in 2 successive 18 months positions (for a PhD under co-direction of two different teams)
  • 2 students for 18-months of their 3-year PhD-positions under co-direction with a team from outside the network

As already mentioned, the duration of the positions in the ITN are 3 years or 18 months respectively, but not exceeding September 30th, 2012. The PhD researchers enjoy a full salary employment contract with all social securities (assurances) of European standard; moreover, different surcharges as, e.g., mobility allowance, travel allowance and career exploratory allowance will be paid (see Guide for Applicants) for these issues).

The PhD researchers appointed in our ITN are listed in the following table.

Post-Doc positions

Each of the 6 participating teams of the ITN "Controlled System" has also offered a Post-doc position of 6 month.

The 6 Post-Docs have enjoyed full salary employment contracts with all social securities (assurances) of European standard. Moreover, different surcharges (for instance, travel allowance) have been paid.

The postdoctoral researcher who has been appointed in the Jena team is

Team Recruited fellow
Jena EL ASRI, Brahim, France

Visiting Scientists

Positions of visiting scientists for periods of 1-2 months have been available in all teams. The positions have been open for interested scientists with outstanding past achievements in international training and collaborative research (VS >10: Visiting Scientists with more than 10 years of research experience) as well as younger scientists with a research experience between 4 and 10 years (VS <10).

During the duration of the ITN "Controlled Systems", our Jena team has appointed the following four visiting scientists with more than 10 years of research experience:

They have contributed to the success of our ITN by giving lectures during the schools organized by the Jena team and/or they have presented mini-courses on a research subject closely related with the ITN-project in our weakly seminar.

Candidacy of Women

According to the European gender politics we have encouraged in particular the candidacy of women.